Equilibrium Entertainment Sets up a Finishing Fund for Completion of Independent Features

Studio to Provide Full Post-production Services

Equilibrium Entertainment, a Los Angeles motion picture production and post-production company, has secured a multi-million dollar Finishing Fund specifically targeted to enable independent filmmakers in need of capital to complete post-production on their projects.

According to Demian Lichtenstein, founder and CEO of Equilibrium, the studio has set up a program to support talented filmmakers to “realize their dream by giving them a sanctuary for the creative mind.”

The finishing fund will provide cash and in-kind post-production services such as picture editorial, sound editorial, ADR, color correction, final mix, and master for delivery to domestic and foreign markets.  Equilibrium is also assist the producer in acquiring domestic and foreign distribution.  In turn, the company receives a production company credit, return on investment, and part ownership of the completed project.

Equilibrium recently delivered all elements on “La Linea,” starring Ray Liotta and Andy Garcia, directed by James Cotton.  Mr. Cotton stated, “Look here’s the deal…Demian Lichtenstein has created everything he wanted and all he claims.  I feel better for knowing them (EQ team).  I feel smarter and more accomplished, having worked with Equilibrium.  Your film will never leave with a mistake and you will have the ability to shape your work into whatever it is you dreamed it to be.”  Equilibrium’s lead editor Miklos Wright recently completed editorial on “Mr. Brooks” and “Hit and Run” for MGM, as well as “Ravenous” for Lionsgate Entertainment.

 “As filmmakers, we know that starting something takes passion, perseverance and guts, but finishing it with power is what counts.” said Lichtenstein.

 For inquiries on the finishing fund go to http://www.eq-ent.com/contact and put Finishing Fund as the message subject.